Here's what I know..

I know that I do not have that easy mac and cheese & chicken nuggets eater.

Olivia's top ten foods:
1. Strawberries
2. EGGS (that really should be #1)
3. Sliced mushrooms - Raw (No, I'm not kidding.)
4. Yogurt (in the form of regular,  gogurt, and frozen)
5. Rice (Yes, I mean plain jane brown/white rice. I've started mixing it up with fiesta sides aka spanish rice. Gourmet.)
6. Blueberries!
7. Salmon (LOVES it. This should be earlier on this list. Lets consider this list in no particular order.)
8. Bread (recently we have had much success with grilled cheese)
which brings me to ...
9. cheese
10. beans & corn - tied because I can't decide which she prefers more..

So if you are like me and have a silly toddler that you can't just pop something in the microwave for.. CHEERS!

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