Here's what I know..

I know that I do not have that easy mac and cheese & chicken nuggets eater.

Olivia's top ten foods:
1. Strawberries
2. EGGS (that really should be #1)
3. Sliced mushrooms - Raw (No, I'm not kidding.)
4. Yogurt (in the form of regular,  gogurt, and frozen)
5. Rice (Yes, I mean plain jane brown/white rice. I've started mixing it up with fiesta sides aka spanish rice. Gourmet.)
6. Blueberries!
7. Salmon (LOVES it. This should be earlier on this list. Lets consider this list in no particular order.)
8. Bread (recently we have had much success with grilled cheese)
which brings me to ...
9. cheese
10. beans & corn - tied because I can't decide which she prefers more..

So if you are like me and have a silly toddler that you can't just pop something in the microwave for.. CHEERS!



I haven't posted in a while. Okay, a LONG while. My only excuse is that being a working mother is crazy. My schedule (weekly)... 40 hrs in the office, 2.5 hrs taking lunch in the office, 10 hrs in the car driving to & from work + making dinner + giving kisses, baths and as much attention possible in 3 short hours after work + some kind of exercise (pulling the wagon around the block counts) + showering + sleep (amount of sleep is negotiable).

All of this IS possible because my day starts at 4:30am (latest).. and I (try) to be asleep by 10pm. When I find myself utterly exhausted I remind myself that (a) I spend less time in the car with these hours & (more importantly, b) more time with my family.
      Inspiration to blog more often is coming. I promise... 

BTW Olivia is 2 next Friday! I'm flying from DC --> San Diego Thursday night (red eye) to make it home on time :)


Bye Bye Binky

We (I should say Olivia but I really think this was a commitment made, or forced in her case, by both or us) have been binky FREE since December 31. And since Olivia doesn't even blink at the word binky anymore (a month ago if you even said binky she had to have it) I thought I would share the pros & cons of taking the plunge.

Before I do that, I will be honest and share that I LOVED the binky. Don't get me wrong she wasn't allowed to have it when she was playing, talking, watching t.v and rarely in the store. But for those car trips (you know the ones), bedtime and those rare in-store tantrums.. I'm sure all you binky mommies understand why this was as hard for me as it was her.

1. Sleep. Olivia does not wake up looking for her binky anymore (you know when they realize at some point that it fell out of their mouth and they need MOM to come find it), with that no longer in her way she sleeps peacefully all night long.

2. The panic that sets in when you can't find one of the hundred (ok ten) binky's you own and you're out and your child is starting to have a melt down because they want it.. now.

**Note: if I'm starting to make it sound like Olivia was a monster without it I'm exaggerating. These moments were more me than her. The binky, I'm not afraid to admit it, was a comfort object for me.

3. The whining that began around 6:30pm because she knew bedtime was approaching and she wanted her binky.. gone.

4. No more binky's everywhere. Yes, I know you know what I'm talking about. There's one on your nightstand, bathroom, kitchen, crib, diaper bag.. 


1. Sleep Train. Remember when you had to teach your baby to fall asleep on their own in their crib? It's not quite that hard but we are relearning how to fall asleep sans binky.

2. You have to survive that first week of running errands without it.

3. It's sad. Taking away something they love is sad and hard.

4. You have to be aware that they will compensate with something. Most likely a finger. So far we have managed to ward that off.

So if you're thinking about taking the plunge I hope it will be as easy, if not easier, for you!



I've been lagging.
We have been busy!

"that's an A!" (She finds it in the alphabet, we're working on B)
"that's the moon"
"what are you doing"
"I love you"

And much more!

She tells me secrets, gives me hugs and rubs my shoulder when I rub her back. She makes me laugh all day long. I love her to pieces!


Silent Prayer

The tragedy in Tucson yesterday hits close to home. 

God Bless the victims and all those effected.

As I watch the University of Arizona come together I am proud as ever to be a Wildcat.

Bear Down.


Merry Christmas Eve

This holiday season I can't help but think what a wonderful life I have.
It's not perfect. But I have certainly had many opportunities this year.
I hope you did too.
I hope 2011 brings us all good fortune and new challenges.

 Merry Christmas to our service men and women. I pray daily for your continued safety and successful deployment.

While I was only inconvenienced by the rain,  with longer commutes and roadblocks many were not as lucky. To all Southern California residents suffering terrible results from the storm last week: my heart goes out to you and my prayers are with you while you put your homes and lives back together.


Holiday season..

I am thrilled that I finished my Christmas shopping early this year..
not only has it been raining since Thursday..
it's suppose to keep raining until Tuesday/Wednesday.
Have you seen the parking lots at the mall/target/toys r us?
No thanks!

We have successfully seen Santa (or unsuccessfully.. depends on how you look at it),
Wrapped all of our Christmas pictures..
except the few items that need to be put together on Christmas eve.
Lets just say it's going to be a late night for Alex. 
He is excited to put together Olivia's new toys. He's so sweet to her.
And me. He was with me at 9pm on Thanksgiving, in line at Toys R Us.
You'll find me supervising.. with a glass of wine. 

 This was the morning after we put a few presents under the tree. 

I love this. Is that terrible? I laugh every time I see it.
Would you believe me if I told you she was excited to see Santa?
Seriously, she was so excited. I love it.


Can't get enough

She's loud, funny, stubborn and sassy. 

Talking, dancing, giggling and asking questions all day long.

I love it and I cannot get enough of her. 


Feeling guilty.

I'm trying to decide between an 8:30am-5pm or a 6:30am-3pm work schedule. 

The first keeps me in a lot of traffic after work.
The second means I don't see Olivia before I leave in the morning but I get more time to relax and have fun with her at night. 

Have I mentioned that I've been feeling that crashing wave recently? 

Olivia & Jeffrey 15 November 2010 :)


Ten Things

Yesterday, my amazing daughter turned 18 months old. I remember Thanksgiving 2009 like it was a few months ago, pushing around my wide eyed 6 month old while shopping, eating and getting coffee. These days doing those 3 things are not quite as easy. Here's my ten things about us (for lack of a more creative title):

1. Never underestimate the power of a mommy and daughter coffee date. Complete with a tall Starbucks cup filled with water or milk to make my 18 month old feel like the most special toddler on the planet. I get a big smile and laughs when I hand her that coveted cup, then as we sit and drink our "coffee" my little sass talks and points away.

2. My kid loves raisins, music, guitars, telephones, pictures and dogs. Do not expect to get one by her without her noticing and expecting to see/listen/talk/eat.

3. She loves green beans and pesto (not together). Occasionally she will eat mac and cheese or peanut butter and jelly but she gobbles up green beans and pasta tossed in pesto! I get worried about her nutrition but when I really take note of the things she does eat I know I have nothing to worry about. Lucky for me she does not expect a diet of cheeseburgers, fried foods, chips or sweets and even luckier for me she does not prefer it.

4. Every time I start thinking I will never wake up on my own terms again my love bug gives me that special gift and sleeps til 7:15am giving me enough time to clean up, brush my teeth and make some coffee.
Note: These mornings are rare and take place 6 or more weeks apart and are usually guaranteed to land on a morning I have to wake up at 5am to get ready for work and be out of the house before she is up.

5. They really do grow up too fast. Especially when you have an independent, fearless and sassy little girl. Sigh

6. Her laughter is music to my ears.

7. We will never leave the park clean. She absolutely loves LOVES sand and we do not frequent a park with the sand substitute (It's like soft, non-wood bark?)

8. As I write this Olivia is singing and dancing along to Sesame Street.

9. She is shopper and if allowed to walk around a clothing store will take what she can off the rack and examine it (front & back). It's hysterical and I am setting my self up for failure very soon.
Did I say she loves shoes? She is a girl after my own heart and her current favorites are pink sparkly flats, black mary janes and her "Ugg" boots.

10. I love this girl. I could not imagine a world without her in it.